"Dear Space" aims to examine the internet as a space from the perspective of the artists and tries to question their present relationship with the internet through almost perfectly opposite companion: letters. Artists are received the question with a handwritten letter and asked to answer it in the same way. These are the answers of the participated artists.

"Dear Space" is an ongoing online exhibition by Didem Sandıkcı.

The internet is largely experienced as an integrated part of daily life. Individuals are commenting, tagging, sharing, rating and orchestrating a vastly growing range of actions online. This state of immersion situates our society within a post internet setting where this network is inseparable from life. If the internet is so deeply embedded as to be an essential element of society, is it still possible to look at it from outside? If so, how would you describe the internet as a space?

Aram Bartholl
Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Tyler Coburn
Laurus Edelbacher
Cesar Escudero Andaluz
Emilie Gervais
Ben Grosser
Joe Hamilton
Faith Holland
Patrick Litchy
Nicolas Maigret
David Marinos
Conall McAteer
Miyo Van Stenis
Emilio Vavarella